Bored of playing vanilla Brogue? Several Brogue mods have been made by the community!

  • Brogue Tiles
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.4.
    • Features animated tiles but no gameplay changes.
  • WebBrogue
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.4.
    • Play online in your browser, chat, watch others play, and compete on the leaderboard.
    • Available on US and UK servers.
  • UnBrogue
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.1.
    • UnBrogue features more gameplay changes than many other mods. It offers new items, monsters, dungeon elements, and much more.
  • Brogue+
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.4.
    • Available using both ASCII and tiles by Oryx.
    • Features new items, monsters, and gameplay changes. Also features several bugfixes from vanilla 1.7.4 Brogue. Overall it features fewer changes to vanilla than UnBrogue.
  • Brogue-Audio
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.4.
    • Available in two versions: one with gameplay changes and audio, and one with only audio added.
  • gBrogue
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.4.
    • Features many new items, as well as new dungeon features.
  • NotEye: Brogue
    • Forked from Brogue 1.7.4.
    • Available with both tiles and audio.
    • Play in different perspectives, including first person and isometric.

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