To play Brogue online, you need to connect via ssh.

On Linux and MacOS you simply type into your terminal:

export TERM="xterm-256color"
ssh -p 222

You now log in as guest, password is guest.

On Windows, you need to download putty.exe .

Here is how to configure putty:


Use server with port 222


In the "Keyboard" category, select "Nethack"


In the "Data" category, add "xterm=256color" to the details. Leave "YourNickHere" empty for now, You can put your nick name there later.


Login as guest, password is guest.


Enjoy the game in 256 colors ;) All gases should be visible, stealth view and mouse-induzed path finding also visible on screen. However, there are some graphical artefacts in the unseen area. Brogue needs some tweaking for 256 color mode yet.

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