Feats are special challenges that you can perform during a game.  They don't give you any additional score or bonuses, but you do get a special message if you win a game after completing a feat.

The list of possible feats are

  •     "Pure Mage" - Ascend without using fists or a weapon.
  •     "Pure Warrior" - Ascend without using a staff, wand or charm.
  •     "Pacifist" - Ascend without attacking a creature.
  •     "Archivist" - Ascend without drinking a potion or reading a scroll.
  •     "Companion" - Journey with an ally through 20 depths.
  •     "Specialist" - Enchant an item up to or above +16.
  •     "Jellymancer" - Obtain at least 90 jelly allies simultaneously.
  •     "Indomitable" - Ascend without taking damage.
  •     "Mystic" - Ascend without eating.
  •     "Dragonslayer" - Kill a dragon with a melee attack.
  •     "Paladin" - Ascend without attacking an unaware or fleeing creature.

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