Health 400
Defense 70
Accuracy 225
Damage 4-8
Regen delay 0
Movement delay 100
Attack delay 100
Attack pattern Normal (sword)
Behavior Reflective
Dies if negated
Monster Class None
Typical Starting Depth 21
(27 for packs with golems and dar)
(30 for huge golem packs)
A statue animated by a tireless and ancient magic, the golem does not regenerate and attacks with only moderate strength, but its stone form can withstand an incredible amount of damage before collapsing into rubble.

A golem is a huge construct of stone. It's animated purely by magic, but because of its reflective property it is resistant to all forms of direct magical attack (wands and staves). Golems will reflect helpful spells, such as healing, just as often as they reflect harmful ones. When defeated, a golem will crumble and cover the surrounding terrain with rubble.

As an ally Edit

A golem is the only type creature that can be found held captive that does not regenerate. This makes golems of limited usefulness unless you have some form of healing since it will be low on health when rescued. A bloodwort pod is your best option for healing a golem.

A golem paired with a healing, protecting, or hasting ally can cause trouble. The ally will attempt to help the golem with its spells but the spells have a small chance to reflect and hit enemies instead.

Tactics against Edit

Golems don't deal much damage per attack, but they have more health than any other creature in the game. They are also hard to hit. This makes them difficult to kill in melee while their spell reflection makes most staves unreliable.

Waves of Negation can shatter a single golem into tiny pieces, preferably from the scroll or charm

A ring of transference is very helpful against a golem. Combined with a weapon that does decent damage, you will often come out of the fight with more health than you started with.

Caustic gas and steam are effective against golems since they deal damage based on a percentage of the monster's maximum health.

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