Most items are generated at the same time the level is. A few are dropped by enemies such as Dragons. Items are also generated as part of treasure machines which at times make certain item types (such as rings) more common than they would otherwise be. The frequency at which different items appear is listed below. Items are never generated in hallways.

Name Type Frequency
Door Key Key 1*
Cage Key Key 1*
Crystal Orb Key 1*
Ration of Food Food 3*
Mango Food 1*
Dagger Weapon 10
Sword Weapon 10
Broadsword Weapon 10
Mace Weapon 10
War Hammer Weapon 10
Spear Weapon 10
War Pike Weapon 10
Axe Weapon 10
War Axe Weapon 10
Dart Weapon 0
Incendiary Dart Weapon 10
Javelin Weapon 10
Leather Armor Armor 10
Scale Mail Armor 10
Chain Mail Armor 10
Banded Mail Armor 10
Splint Mail Armor 10
Plate Armor Armor 10
Identify Scroll 30
Teleportation Scroll 10
Remove Curse Scroll 15
Enchanting Scroll 0*
Recharging Scroll 12
Protect Armor Scroll 10
Protect Weapon Scroll 10
Magic Mapping Scroll 12
Cause Fear Scroll 8
Negation Scroll 8
Shattering Scroll 8
Aggravate Monsters Scroll 15
Summon Monsters Scroll 10
Healing Potion 45
Gain Level Potion 4
Telepathy Potion 20
Levitation Potion 15
Detect Magic Potion 20
Speed Potion 10
Fire Immunity Potion 15
Strength Potion 0*
Poisonous Gas Potion 15
Paralysis Potion 10
Hallucination Potion 10
Confusion Potion 15
Incineration Potion 15
Darkness Potion 7
Descent Potion 7
Creeping Death Potion 7
Teleportation Wand 1
Slowness Wand 1
Negation Wand 1
Domintation Wand 1
Beckoning Wand 1
Plenty Wand 1
Invisibility Wand 1
Lightning Staff 15
Firebolt Staff 15
Poison Staff 10
Tunneling Staff 10
Blinking Staff 11
Entrancement Staff 5
Obstruction Staff 10
Discord Staff 10
Conjuration Staff 8
Healing Staff 6
Haste Staff 6
Protection Staff 6
Clairvoyance Ring 1
Stealth Ring 1
Regeneration Ring 1
Transferrence Ring 1
Light Ring 1
Awareness Ring 1
Wisdom Ring


Amulet of Yendor Amulet 0*

* The frequency of starred items is controlled by separate code. Keys are only generated as a part of a machine. The generation of Potions of Strength, Scrolls of Enchantment and food are strictly controlled by the game, ensuring that you have a steady supply. The Amulet of Yendor is guaranteed to be generated on level 26, and on each depth thereafter if you don't have it with you already. You should expect to find 6.67 potions of life per seed on average (99.7% of runs get 6-9, range 6-13, median 7). You should expect to find 8.67 potions of strength per seed on average (98.8% of runs get 7-10, range 3-10, median 9). You should expect to find 14.8 scrolls of enchanting per seed on average (98.3% of runs get 11-18, range 4-22, median 15).[1]


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