Health 55
Defense 60
Accuracy 125
Damage 9-13 (clumping = 2)
Regen delay 20
Movement delay 100
Attack delay 200
Attack pattern Slow (War Hammer)
Monster Class Ogre
Typical Starting Depth 7
This lumbering creature carries an enormous club that he can swing with incredible force.

Ogres are one of the first big threats you will encounter. This is due to their high health, strong armor, and hard hitting attacks. Ogres move at normal speed but attack slowly. After every attack, the ogre will be "off balance," indicating that it will miss its next turn. At deeper depths ogres frequently accompany ogre shamans.

Tactics against Edit

Ogres regenerate health more slowly than you, so if you can escape and rest up, the ogre may still be damaged when you find it again.

rapier is an effective weapon against ogres due to their slow attack speed. After the ogre makes a successful attack it will be off balance, allowing you to move away from it. You can then move back towards the ogre to trigger the rapier's lunge attack which always hits and does triple damage.

Since ogres are best fought at a distance they are good candidate for damaging staves and cursed potions.

If confronted with an early ogre that you can't handle you have a few options.

  • Dive into a chasm to escape. Or ascend to a previous floor with a chasm and jump, if the ogre followed you upstairs then it will remain on the floor above.
  • Swim across water.
  • Lure it into a trap will cause damage or disable it.
  • If the ogre is sleeping, you can remove heavy armor or use a potion of invisibility to sneak around it. If you have a mace or war hammer you can also try to kill the ogre in one hit with a sneak attack.

As an ally Edit

The ogre is an strong early ally, with high health and great damage output. However, because of its slow regeneration you may find yourself waiting for you ogre to heal. This makes transference a particularly valuable empowerment for an ogre to keep their health at a better level.

Also, they never lose their slow attack speed which makes them less effective than allies found later in the game, such as trolls and nagas.

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