Plate armor is the top tier armor in Brogue, requiring a whopping 19 strength to wear without penalty, but providing 11 points of defense to its wearer. Most players will find it necessary to sink at least a few scrolls of enchantment into a suit of plate armor to reduce its strength requirement and to even be able to make it viable, but once it is equipped, it will give any adventurer the ability to stand toe-to-toe with the even the most dangerous of dungeon dwellers. Even though it can never possibly deflect all the blows directed at it, a heavily enchanted plate armor will greatly increase the survivability of its wearer.

Because of its initial strength requirement, plate armor cannot be found with a positive runic. If a player happens to find splint mail with a runic effect (a rare find), it’s often much more worthwhile than plate armor, especially since +2 splint mail is defensively stronger (by half an enchant, due to strength bonuses) than a +0 plate armor.

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