This flask contains an unstable compound which will burst violently into flame upon exposure to open air. You might throw the flask at distant enemies -- or into a deep lake, to fill the cavern with scalding steam.

These powerful potions make excellent grenades. Monsters and flammable terrain in the area of effect will be set on fire. Throw one at a horde of goblins and watch them run! This potion is the reason that you should usually test your potions near water. If you are lit aflame you can always take a quick swim, and put yourself out.

! Potions !
Goodglyph Detect magic · Goodglyph Fire immunity · Goodglyph Invisibility · Goodglyph Levitation · Goodglyph Life · Goodglyph Speed · Goodglyph Strength · Goodglyph Telepathy

Badglyph Caustic gas · Badglyph Confusion · Badglyph Creeping death · Badglyph Darkness · Badglyph Descent · Badglyph Hallucination · Badglyph Incineration · Badglyph Paralysis

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