A charge from this staff will bathe a creature in protective light, absorbing all damage until depleted. This can be counterproductive against enemies but can prove useful when aimed at your allies. Unfortunately, you cannot use this or any staff on yourself.

Provides the targeted monster with the shielded status.

Enchantment Level Damage Absorbed
+1 3
+2 5
+3 7
+4 11
+5 17
+6 27
+7 41
+8 64
+9 98
+10 150
+11 229
+12 351
+13 537
+14 822
+15 1258

The description of this staff can be misleading, as it simply means that you cannot use the staff directly on yourself. Like all staves, though, the bolt from the staff of protection can be reflected, potentially allowing the player to apply the effect to themselves in situations where they have reflective targets, such as the Warden of Yendor, a summoned Guardian, etc.

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