Bursts of magic from this staff will pass harmlessly through creatures but will reduce walls and other inanimate obstructions to rubble.

A beam from a Staff of Tunneling will destroy one wall (or other valid target) per level of enchantment the staff posseses. It addition to walls it will also destroy any doors, turrets* and sentinels it passes through. Enchanting this staff will add one charge to the maximum number of charges as well as making each charge more powerful. Note that some walls in the game cannot be tunneled through. The walls of treasure rooms, and natural crystal will reflect a beam of tunneling and the outer wall of the dungeon will just simply absorb it.

* Because of a known bug in 1.6.2 thru 1.7.3, you cannot kill turrets if they are positioned on the outer border of the dungeon.


  • A staff of tunneling can be desirous to a Stealth build as well. It allows you to destroy wall-mounted torches, preventing them from increasing your stealth radius.
  • Even a staff with few enchants can be very useful. You can tunnel a dead end just about anywhere, retreat into it and be assured of fighting only one enemy at a time. Even better when paired with a ring of clairavoyance.
  • It's obviously useful for creating shortcuts and avoiding dangerous routes, like through shallow water or explosive bogs.
  • You can create a tunnel to the undestructible outside wall, creating a reflective surface. With one space between you and the outer wall, you can use the reflection to target wands and staves upon yourself, which can yield suprising and useful results.

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