The surface of this nickel sphere has been etched with a perfect grid pattern. Somehow, the squares of the grid are all exactly the same size.

When used, the charm will teleport you elsewhere in the dungeon and recharge in A turns. (If the charm is enchanted, it will recharge in B turns.)

Note that enchanting this charm only reduces the recharge duration.

Essentially a reusable scroll of teleportation.

Enchantment level Recharge duration
+1 550
+2 302
+3 166
+4 91
+5 50
+6 27
+7 15
+8 8
+9 4
+10 2
+11 1
+12 0

The charm does not improve after +12.

Ϟ Charms Ϟ
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Negation · Protection · Recharging · Shattering · Telepathy · Teleportation

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