vampire bat 
Health 18
Defense 25
Accuracy 100
Damage 2-6
Regen delay 20
Movement delay 50
Attack delay 100
Attack pattern Normal (sword)
Behavior Flies
Ability Transference
Monster Class None
Typical Starting Depth 5 (in packs)
Often hunting in packs, leathery wings and keen senses guide the vampire bat unerringly to its prey.
Brogue Vampire Bat

A vampire bat over a chasm. By Harrison Kreimer

A Vampire Bat,  or (more commonly) three vampire bats, can make a formidable enemy, easily underestimated by the early, unprepared adventurer. They appear in packs and move quickly which results in frequent attacks and improbable escape. They also replenish their health with each sucessful attack, making them very hard to kill with a low-damage weapon such as your starting dagger. They posess the intrinsic attributes transferrence and flit.

  • Transferrence allows them to replenish 90% of the damage they inflict as health.
  • Flit means 33% of the time, their movement is random.

A typical vampire bat is not to be confused with, nor will it turn into a vampire, which is a much more difficult opponent.


The best way of dealing with vampire bats is by using ranged attacks, unless you have upgraded equipment or feel you can otherwise deal with them.

Vampire bats are easily awakened. If a sleeper is spotted and you have only your starting equipment (dagger and leather), you should attempt to sneak away without alerting them.

Early allies that choose to attack vampire bats should be abandoned and left to their imminent demise.

Because of their erratic movements, vampire bats are relatively easily dispatched with a mace, even with strength of 14. This also often offers a chance of a lunge attack with a rapier.

Throwing potions of confusion or paralysis, or using a staff of obstruction or conjuration can be useful if the player does not have sufficient offensive capabilities to deal with vampire bats.

Vampire bats can fly, so jumping into a chasm isn't a viable escape route. It is possible, however, to negate a vampire bat that is hovering over lava or a chasm, hence forcing the bat to fall into the lava/chasm.


Prior to Brogue 1.6.3, vampire bats could appear earlier than level 4, as early as level 2. This was removed due to the difficulty of defeating a vampire bat with standard gear.

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