This content is obsolete. It was taken out or completely redone in the latest version of Brogue. Please do not delete the article, but do remove it from any lists or categories of current game content.

XP has been removed from the game, as it was decided that rewarding the player for killing rather than bypassing monsters did not fit with the overall spirit of Brogue, and unfairly penalised stealth-based play.

You gain 10 accuracy and 5hp for every level. The experience required for each level goes up faster than exponentially, as does the experience granted by harder monsters (the 15 from an Eel might make a big difference in the early game, but a Dragon gives 5000!), so you really don't need to worry about killing every enemy -- just the toughest ones you can.

Every enemy monster that dies that was spawned naturally (no summons) will give you XP no matter how it died. You get credit for every death in the dungeon.

Levels past 12 are meant to be practically unattainable without Potions of Gain Level.

Level XP HP Acc Kill, for example... or just one...
1 15 75
2 10 20 85 four jackals vampire bat
3 20 25 95 two goblins vampire bat
4 40 30 105 two monkeys eel (plus change)
5 80 35 115 three vampire bat ogre
6 160 40 125 an ogre ogre (plus change)
7 320 45 135 three ogres dar blademaster
8 640 50 145 three dar blademasters revenant (plus change)
9 1400 55 155 five trolls golem
10 2800 60 165 four revenants tentacle horror
11 6000 65 175 three golems dragon
12 18000 70 185 six tentacle horrors dragon (plus change)
13 40000 75 195 four dragons potion of gain level
14 160000 80 205 twenty-four dragons potion of gain level
15 600000 85 215 eighty-eight dragons potion of gain level

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